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Travel Babble

To quote my mother when I was young, she would say “If you want to get something done, don’t dilly dally; put your mind to it and get at it.”  That was my intention when I said goodbye to my … Continue reading

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Blessing in Disguise

Everything happens for a reason.  It has been said that there are no accidents in life.   When unpleasant situations or events occur in our lives, our first response is usually to ask “Why did this happen?  Why me?  Why now?”  … Continue reading

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A world can change in a flash.  When you least expect it, an event involving only seconds can turn a life upside down and stop you in your tracks, make you rethink your life and your plans and force you … Continue reading

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All About Indy

As the song goes “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.  If we could let go of everything in our lives that we cling to for security, reassurance and comfort in order to simply “be” in the world, … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Change is never easy.  Most often change happens when we are desperate for something different in our lives, a feeling of “anything would be better than this”, and so we make a move.  Then there are those spiritual nudges that force … Continue reading

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