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Very short stories/essays on various topics including living in an RV, spirituality, freedom, living destiny, writing….

On Watch

Thanks to all of you who view this blog regularly and who want to know if I am staying in Saskatchewan or if life will take me in another direction.  There are really no answers to either of these questions because … Continue reading

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One Step at a Time

Why do people trip?  When someone stumbles, how often would you hear “Watch where you’re going”.  No, don’t watch where you are going.  Watch the ground beneath you.  To watch where you are headed is to not see where you … Continue reading

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The Gift in Giving

A friend once told me that a gift is not truly received until it has been acknowledged. The wisdom that she was imparting to me implied that appreciation holds a deeper meaning if expressed some time after the giving.   Most … Continue reading

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School Bell is Ringing

Be a servant to your heart, not your mind.  When you are a servant to your heart, you are a servant to God.  God can work through you.  (Arianna) School is never out here on planet Earth.  Sometimes there is … Continue reading

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On Track

Being off track is not necessarily a bad thing.  So why do we beat ourselves up every time we think we are not doing what we believe we should be doing?  All negative thoughts towards oneself like self criticism and self judgments are … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, The Source of All That Is, the one who is named God, created the heavenly realms and a small beautiful planet called Earth. Then God invited extraordinary beings from far-away lands of the universe to come … Continue reading

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Strange, or is it?

Antelope Medicine During one of my renditions singing “Home on the Range” while driving in northern Montana, I laid down some rubber on the asphalt when a herd of antelope appeared out of nowhere and crossed the road directly in … Continue reading

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Out of the Blue

A natural disaster can happen in a flash.  Lives can be lost and millions of dollars damage to businesses, homes, cars, and properties are likely. As a human race, we are currently experiencing an acceleration in the magnitude and occurrence … Continue reading

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Butting Heads

A verbal psychic attack happens fast.  For the victim, there’s no time to think or regroup emotionally because the hurtful blows are delivered unexpectedly.  The attacker is prepared and tightly wound. The victim is usually in a numbed state of … Continue reading

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Bleeding Heart

Humans are swayed more by fear than by reverence. (Aristotle) Why is it that most humans appear to care more about animals when they’re alive than when they dead, if they care at all? How many times have we swerved … Continue reading

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