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Writing excerpts from my personal journal that include channeling from my Higher Self and my spirit guides, the purpose of which is to share insights. All channeled material included within my posts has been approved by them prior to publishing.

The Choice

“The torment is always in your head, not your heart.” (Dr. James Martin Peebles as channeled through Summer Bacon) We create our own reality.  Simply as that.  If our reality is pain and suffering, we have created it.  We are … Continue reading

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The Gift in Giving

A friend once told me that a gift is not truly received until it has been acknowledged. The wisdom that she was imparting to me implied that appreciation holds a deeper meaning if expressed some time after the giving.   Most … Continue reading

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Tunnel of Pain

Another low-pressure weather system, another sick headache.  During my younger years, I believed the pain in my head was a brain tumor, as it was so intense.  In my middle years, I called it a migraine because I didn’t know … Continue reading

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“You are feeling overwhelmed not because you do not have any options but because you have more options than you are willing to acknowledge.”  Ouch!  Those words stung a little.  Okay, a lot.  But they were very wise words spoken … Continue reading

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Now What?

In every moment that exists, there is an opportunity to redesign our lives. But how do we do that?  If we don’t like where we find ourselves, how can we change things hopefully for the better?  If we find ourselves … Continue reading

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Blessing in Disguise

Everything happens for a reason.  It has been said that there are no accidents in life.   When unpleasant situations or events occur in our lives, our first response is usually to ask “Why did this happen?  Why me?  Why now?”  … Continue reading

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