My life has been a feast of experience.  Unlike the beliefs earlier in my life, I now accept that each experience along my sixty some years has shaped me into who and what I am today.  It is no longer important for me to think about past education, relationships, achievements or careers.  What is important is how I live my life in the present moment using these experiences as my tools and learning guide in order to live in the highest expression of myself.  Over the past two decades my intention and primary focus has been to heal my physical body, heart and mind.  Evidently my spiritual body has always been in tact, although I was quite unaware of that fact until the last few years.

 I also believe that everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents in life, we are never alone and are guided every minute of the day, there is a blessing or gift with all experiences including the unpleasant ones, we are so much more than our physical bodies and minds, each one of us has a soul purpose for being here on earth, and we are Divine beings who are interconnected with all of life.  Am I conscious of this every day and do I live by these spiritual principles moment by moment?  I wish.  However, I do aspire to walk the talk and this journey I’m on is part of that process.

Many blessings to you


This is where my journey will take me, at least for part of the year

The Deserts of Arizona

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your angel’s message on gifting is beautiful.

  2. Donna Rammo says:

    Hello from Halifax
    Just spent the afternoon with a friend of yours….Janice.
    My name is Donna and I live in Halifax but am a traveler at heart.
    Although my partner and I travel in a 12 foot Trilllium trailer most times, last summer I took off on my own and did 16,000 kms across the US as a solo explorer. (loved it..had an amazing time)
    So, of course, when Janice told me about you and your voyage, I googled you, and shared your trip a bit on line.
    Good for you!
    I will continue to check in and dream until I/we can be on the road again.
    Starting the process of selling and going…you know…what you did!

    Are you aware of the web site called “Frugal RV Travel”????
    If not, take a minute to check it out. We have all her ebooks and it has saved us money and shown us great places to boondock. REALLY worth the cost of the books to us as we do cheap, free and stealth camping when we are on the road. ( no pension, limited funds)
    Her Arizona book is great! ($17.00 each) and is paid off when using her suggestions once or twice.
    Lots and lots of snow here this am and really really cold. Now aren’t you glad you are where you are!????

    Have an amazing time….if everyone else ONLY realized HOW amazing this kind of travel is, there would be no room left on the roads!
    Happy Trails

    • Shanomi says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Donna. Small world. Yes, travelling has always been exhilarating for me – a real sense of freedom and movement when life starts to get stagnant or burdensome. I’m sure you understand when I say that I don’t regret my decision to “minimalize and gypsify” my life. Just getting rid of all my “stuff” that was weighing me down was a relief.

      Thanks also for the frugal RV tip. Another friend recommended the website. Because I’m squatting in one place for most of the time that I’m in Arizona and focusing on writing, I haven’t had the need to explore that resource; but perhaps I will find it useful when I do some touring around northern AZ and southern UT on my way back to Canada in April.

      12-foot trailer?!? How do you get everything in there? My Prowler ultra lite is 25 feet and I still had to weed out the heavy stuff at least three or four times before I left Nova Scotia. As you know, it’s very difficult to cram your whole life into such a limited space and leave nothing behind in a storage unit. I’m hauling with a V6 so have to be careful what I collect along the way. Would love to hear about your solo adventure and glad to know that you will be following along with mine.


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