The Choice

“The torment is always in your head, not your heart.”

(Dr. James Martin Peebles as channeled through Summer Bacon)

We create our own reality.  Simply as that.  If our reality is pain and suffering, we have created it.  We are not victims of life.  If we are victims of anything, it would be our own minds.  Every thought and word we express is an energetic vibration that is projected out into the universe.  This energy is like a missile that targets similar energy.  When it finds a match, it bounces back to us in the form of an experience.  A negative vibration attracts a negative experience.  To change our experiences, we have to change our minds.

What is our energetic offering to the universe?

What is our energetic offering to the world?

The reality that we create not only depends on who we are on the outside but also who we are on the inside.  It doesn’t matter whether we speak a positive or negative thought out loud or silently talk to ourselves because the effect of what we attract will be the same.  In fact, it is usually not what people say out loud that creates the suffering, it is what they say silently to themselves – the unspoken words, the thoughts of self, the untruths that we tell ourselves, the false story that gets played over and over by the judge and the critic.

This past weekend I spent silent time with myself reflecting on my own thought processes. Being apartment bound from another Canadian prairie winter storm brings most activity to a halt.  I wasn’t enjoying one of my latest life experiences, and at some level I knew that I had to take responsibility for it.  My conclusion was that I had a choice – to continue with the same victimizing thoughts, or to train my mind to dwell on more empowering thoughts.  The key for me was being aware of just exactly what I was thinking and saying to myself.  Only then could I change it.

The mind is very powerful and, unfortunately, if it is out of control, it can murder us with its constant negative rumination.  As I took charge of my mind, I noticed the change in how I was feeling in my body.  Life didn’t seem as harsh and my heart seemed lighter.  It became less important for me to understand my present experience or even to dwell on it.  I surrendered the need to know everything and simply enjoyed being me.

Angel light from heavenI write in my journal most mornings, and here is what I channeled about feeling victimized:

All obstacles in life have their root in fear because at some level, you have created the reality of obstacles out of your own fear.  Like attracts like.  Like mind, like obstacles.  Fear attracts fearful obstacles.  You attract what you fear – a nasty spiritual lesson for humans to learn, and some never do, nor do they want to.  They prefer to live as a victim of misery and suffering, whether it is illness, failed relationships, poverty, despair, etc.  As you are well aware, it all begins in the mind.  But people do not want to believe that.  They do not want to believe that they themselves have created their own misery.  In that respect there is no such thing as being a victim, for being a victim of illness, for example, would mean thinking that it was out of a person’s control. 

Let’s look at illness.  Many people in your world believe that they “get sick”.  That by some luck of the draw they have been inflicted with ill health.  When in fact, if they understood this reality or truth of all illness, they would say to themselves “I have created this.  Now that I know and understand that I have orchestrated it in my mind with my fearful thoughts, I can take responsibility for it and uncreate what I have done to myself.”  Until humans start thinking like this, there will always be illness and suffering on Earth.  And it doesn’t have to be like that.  It’s easier for them to say “It’s not my fault that I got cancer.  I’ve eaten well for years and exercise every day.  Why me?  Is there no God?”  Yes, our dear friends, there is a God indeed, and your God suffers when you suffer because there is absolutely no need of what you do to yourselves if you changed your minds.  Your thoughts create your reality, and if your reality is sickness, then your mind is sick.  That’s just how it is.  But how many people see this?  How many people acknowledge to themselves that every little ache and pain is a product of their creation?  Who would want to admit that?

Cancer is rampant in your society.  Why?  Because as a society your collective mind set has been saying for centuries “I am undeserving, I will never amount to anything, nothing good ever happens to me, I know I am going to get cancer because everybody in my family has had it.  I’m doomed, so I better brace myself…” and on and on it goes with your minds.  That’s where it starts.  Cancer is about something eating away at you, something that you are unwilling to admit and take responsibility for.  Until you do as a collective society, it will continue to eat away at your population.  Whatever is eating away at you in your mind, grab hold of this fear, shake it loose, release it and create a new reality in your consciousness, one of love, trust, hope, faith, oneness, etc.

A mind not to be changed by place or time, the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.

(John Milton)

Love yourself.  Be your best friend.

Love yourself. Be your best friend.

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3 Responses to The Choice

  1. Hey galmate! Typing this on an tablet, a new experience…read a great comment on innergy (not a typo) from an author who writes about introverts: fear is just an electrical impulse in the mind but its the meanings we give to it that either help or usually hinder us

    • Shanomi says:

      Makes sense. The brain would try to decipher why it got hit with an electrical impulse. Fear would be the first response because of the primal area of the brain which kicks into action for survival. I’m no shrink, but I think I understand what I just wrote.:)

  2. Joan Hebb says:

    Beautiful thoughts Shanomi – Thank you for your friendship – love you –

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