School Bell is Ringing

Be a servant to your heart, not your mind.  When you are a servant to your heart, you are a servant to God.  God can work through you.  (Arianna)

Love is really all we have; everything else is an illusion created by the mind

School is never out here on planet Earth.  Sometimes there is never even a recess.  The opportunity for learning is continual.  I have asked myself lately “How am I sitting in school?  Am I paying attention to what I am being shown, or am I daydreaming in my own little world?”  Paying attention means being conscious.  Spending time in a world of mental distractions and irrelevant thinking is being unconscious.   It is the difference between being awake or asleep.  How can a student learn anything when asleep?  As any good pupil will know, the secret to expanding consciousness and increased learning is to pay attention, and the trick to paying attention is to give oneself permission to do so.

Human beings have many mental distractions in life – relationships, career changes, money issues, etc.  But the fact is, Earth is our school classroom, and these kinds of issues are the classroom activities.  What we perceive as everyday distractions are the opportunities for learning if we choose to see life that way.  When we can ask ourselves “What have I learned from this or that experience?” the experience itself will open the doors to learning.  Once a student has learned something, there is no need to relearn and he/she can move on to the next lesson.  If no learning has taken place because the student chooses to remain asleep, the lesson will be repeated at some point in the future because that is the way schools operate.  Not “getting” the lesson of the day creates a life of frustration and behavior issues as well as a pattern of attracting the same challenging issues over and over.

So why do we have to learn anyway?  Why can’t we all just go about our daily business in a normal way?  The fact is, no one has a normal life even though we all strive for it.  “Normal” is a word, but can anyone actually explain what it means when it comes to living life?  To strive for normality is, therefore, living a life of illusion.  Normality is a concept we create in our minds, a vision of what we want our lives to look like but we never seem to bring to fruition.  Why?  Because we are in school, and when we believe our lives are normal, there is no learning.  If there is no learning, there is no personal growth.  If there is no personal growth, there is no evolution of our species and the world in which we live, meaning the inhabitants of planet Earth.

If you have been paying attention to the world in which you live, you will notice that the Earth, our home, is changing rapidly.  Life is far from “normal”.  Humans who are awakening are asking “What on Earth is going on?” and these humans want to know more and to understand.   The humans who have taken the time to do their research on the topic of planetary changes are the ones who are fully conscious and learning the mysteries of our world.  Only people who are asleep do not see the changes or want to believe that we are headed in a different direction.  They continue to live their lives seeking normality.   The Earth is in a process of change, and we have the opportunity to learn and change with her or remain asleep.

So at this time in our history, the school bell is ringing, and that leaves the question “Who is the teacher?”  The teacher is God, the Creator of the world in which we live, the One who is orchestrating the lessons in the classroom.  That also leaves the question “And what exactly is the lesson right now on planet Earth, our classroom?”  The answer is “To love.”

So let’s take a moment to analyse and understand the lesson.  One of the gifts that our teacher has given us is the ability to feel; that is, to experience emotions.  There are only two emotions – love and fear.  Therefore, any emotion that is not based on love is an emotion based on fear.  Anger, resentment, jealousy, grief, frustration, greed, anxiety, and the endless list of emotions that create pain and suffering are all based on fear and insecurity.  Fear always has an agenda and controls our world by creating wars, greed, and tyranny.  How is that now working for us?

The path to a more compassionate world starts with each individual and our ability to love.  We cannot personally change the humans who are exercising fear-base control in our world; we can only change what we think and how we feel about ourselves in the world.  That is where the shift towards a more compassionate world starts.   It is pointless to get angry or depressed over the changes that are occurring, as that energy is feeding into the fear that already exists.  As my angels recently told me during a journaling session “Love needs no reason to exist… Live for no one else, but love all who come to you…The brain always has an agenda, love doesn’t.”

If a person wants to understand the lesson, experience personal growth, and have more inner peace, it is not even enough to ask “Why am I angry, sad, etc.?”  The question to be asked is “What am I afraid of?” because there is always an answer if we dig deep enough in our research on the topic.  If we don’t understand our fear, it will always control us in the form of negative emotions.

Learning about oneself is the most difficult lesson to undertake.  It takes not only courage but also discipline and motivation.  It may be so difficult, in fact, that the student may wish to remain asleep and continue to live a life of discontent, misunderstood behavior, and continual pain and suffering as the lessons keep coming in.  And they will.

All pain and suffering begins in the mind, no exceptions.  Love begins in the heart, but love cannot exist where there is fear.  The more we can learn the lesson and dissolve our fears, the more we can live in the heart.  That is where God resides.  That is where we will find peace in our individual worlds and beyond.

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Imagine John Lennon (with lyrics)

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7 Responses to School Bell is Ringing

  1. Having ads pop up on your blog is a sign that your writing is being read by many; it’s a way to encourage bloggers to pay for hosting of their own sites (free from sublets of footers to marketers who want your readers eyes!! ) You keep goin girl

  2. Margaret says:

    ” it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Dickens
    Once upon a time, up until this time. …… For the time being. Time and Time again, All in good time -Time’s up ” Time – an invention of all timely inventions – cheers – Margaret

  3. Paulette says:

    Hey, great post Shanomi We change others by changing ourselves – the butterfly effect
    Keep at it..

  4. sandy says:

    Great writing, makes alot of sense. Life is a continual learning experience.
    I thought of you during garlic season, so much. great fun and getting some big ones.

    • Shanomi says:

      Hi Sandy…Thanks for your comment. I finally gave away the rest of my garlic from my garden just this past week to a local retired farmer, the same crop that was in my yard two summers ago. It kept really well all that time in the back of my car. I’ve been giving it away little by little on my journey, and hopefully now have it propagating in Arizona and in four provinces in Canada. I’ve been leaving a piece of Crousetown wherever I go. Nice to hear from you.

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