Tunnel of Pain

Another low-pressure weather system, another sick headache.  During my younger years, I believed the pain in my head was a brain tumor, as it was so intense.  In my middle years, I called it a migraine because I didn’t know what else to call it.  Recently, my doctor called the pain occipital neuralgia.  Humm…is that what it is?

Regardless of the label, this chronic pain has plagued me since a serious car accident in 1972.  Despite all my experiences with numerous physical therapies and holistic treatments, I continue to experience this pain, even this morning when I woke up at 5 o’clock in agony at which time I popped a Tylenol 3 and two valerian root tablets into my mouth and went back to bed in what others who suffer from this pain will appreciate as “survival mode.”  It is not often that I feel like journaling or doing anything during the crippling pain, but today, I had enough.

Angels, it feels like there are two things going on—one, low-pressure high humidity, and the other, chronic subluxation in my neck.  I don’t believe for one minute that I have to go through the rest of my life having this pain and discomfort.  All these things are only triggers, but they are not the cause.  I would like to talk today about how I can transmute the pain into good health.  What do you see as the cause of the pain?

Organic factors with many triggers.  You are well aware of the various triggers and have over the years worked with them to lessen the severity of this problem, or as you call it “my cross to bear.”  We would suggest that you eliminate that thought from your consciousness.  Problems only become problems when you label them.

Well, the problem has been going on for over forty years.

And maybe you formulated that thought over forty years ago and have now created this reality.

You mean stop owning it, stop the thought that is manifesting into pain.

Yes.  Whenever you say “my pain” or “my this or that”, you are making it yours, like a call to the universe to continue giving the experience to you.  So eliminating that expression from your vocabulary as well as from your internal dialogue would help pave the way to dis-owning the problem. 

So what is causing the pain—“organic factors” you said?

There are many factors that constitute this chronic pain.  But the most important factor is one of programming.  You have been training your mind for over forty years to accept the belief that whenever any one of these organic factors is present in your life, the brain will then send the green-light signal to the body, that is, the neck and head, to experience the pain yet again.  This chronic programming must be interrupted before any healing can occur with the various methods that you presently apply because they are not addressing the programming, only the organic factors.

By “organic factors” you mean arthritis, nerve damage, spinal subluxation problems, bad weather, toxins settling in the neck, etc.

Yes.  This is correct, and you are well aware of these organic factors.  But it’s the mental programming that has not changed.  Think of it this way.  A young child starts crying for no apparent reason.  You go to the child, comfort her by holding her in your arms, telling her “it’s all right”, rocking her back and forth, etc.  But when you ask “Why are you crying?  Are you hurt?”, the child will say “No” and proceed to explain why she started to cry—usually because someone did something she didn’t like or she didn’t get her way.  But nothing physical was done to her to cause the crying.  You see, the child has been programmed to cry to get attention.  When the parental love and affection has been lacking, or worse does not exist, the young child knows that she can have this love and affection when she starts crying.  She has unconsciously programmed herself, but there are no physical factors present to precipitate the crying.

So I’m not sure I get the analogy here and how it relates to this occipital neuralgia.

A child’s life is never perfect.  The love and affection is not always there 100 percent of the time whenever she wants it.  So she creates the best situation by which she can get it—crying.

I understand that but still don’t see the connection to what we’re talking about—my neck and head pain.  Ooops, “the neck and head pain.”  Are you saying I’ve created this pain as a way of getting something in my life?

Not exactly, more of an illustration of how a mind can be programmed subconsciously in a negative way.  The child programs herself to cry to get love and affection.  You have programmed your mind to accept pain and discomfort because it’s a full moon, or a low-pressure system, or high humidity, or your neck is out, etc.—all organic factors with a mental programming cause.

Okay, I think I get it.  The child has taught herself to cry because she believes she needs more love and affection.  I’ve taught myself to have neck and head pain because I believe it is caused by bad weather or a full moon, etc.

Yes, now you’re getting it.  And have you not noticed that over the last few years there seems to be more triggers than ever?

Yes, I have.  I just figured it was because I’m getting older.  It seems like everything can trigger this migraine-like pain.  What are you getting at?

Because you have never understood the real reason for the pain when it began, you have spent most of your life trying to find not only the cause but also the cure.  You have made the causal factors very complicated and multi-faceted through your attempts to justify why it is happening and you say to yourself “Maybe it’s this” or “perhaps that is causing,” etc. and over time have convinced yourself that it is indeed true.  But when you think you’ve found a cure for this or that cause and it doesn’t work, you continue your search for the cause.  But you also say to yourself “This must be a factor also”, and guess what, you have created another factor that triggers the pain, but forty years ago you believed there was only one—a whiplash.

So you’re saying that my search for a cause for the pain has actually created more triggers.

Yes, just as a child searches for more love and affection by trying other factors when crying doesn’t produce the desired results.

So I initially blamed a bad whiplash for causing this pain, but when treatments over the years didn’t alleviate it, I actually attracted other causes in my life out of my belief that the whiplash wasn’t the cause.  Then it must be hormonal, then the full moon, then putting my neck out by doing something stupid, etc.  And now I have so many causal factors that I continue to have pain for more reasons.

Yes.  (pause)

I’m missing something here.  I understand how I’ve created more underlying factors in my search for answers, but what is the root cause?

There is currently no root cause, just a continuation of causal factors producing the effect of pain.

Wait a minute!  You’re saying there was no cause?

We’re saying there is presently no cause.

But there used to be a cause.  What was that?  I didn’t decide forty years ago to just start having migraines.

The cause has long passed.

Come on!  I’m now having a hard time believing all this.

Good.  You’re resisting what you’re learning about yourself.  This means you are getting closer to healing the issue if you continue the dialogue and not push these ideas away.

So if I put the pen down and go make myself a cup of tea because I’ve suddenly decided that’s what I want and I didn’t want it five minutes ago, you’re telling me I’m resisting knowing more and possibly healing this chronic issue of pain?

Yes, that is what we are saying.  But you have a choice—to make tea or continue writing.

I’m really feeling the need for tea.

How does your neck feel right now?

I can’t say better but can say that something has changed.

Can you identify the change or describe it.

Well, the pain is still there, but it feels strangely freer.

The energy is moving.

I’ll act dumb.  What energy?

We are breaking through the programming.  You’ve created the energy of pain over the years, and this energy is starting to move, or breakup, if you like.

Oh gawd, this is complicated!

More resistance.  Do you still want to make tea?

Is this a test?

No, it is healing.  (pause)  How do you feel?

I’m suddenly very cold.  I just had a shiver and I know it’s not cold in here because I’m roasting almonds in my RV oven.  The energy’s moving, right?

Yes.  You have wonderful understanding of the healing process and that’s why you are breaking through your own resistance because you know you have to to heal this chronic programmed pain.

You know, I’m feeling better and better—still some stiffness, but much improved since starting to write almost an hour ago.

It’s all about programming—chronic programming—how you’ve snookered yourself into accepting pain as an experience when there is no longer a physical cause.  There was a root cause many years ago, but your mind has accepted the belief in continued pain and, as a result, has created pain-body energy to prove your belief system.  You know how this works, but your resistance has prevented you from seeing how it has worked in your own body, only in the bodies of others were you willing to acknowledge this pain phenomenon.

I continue to feel better.  Glad I didn’t take a break and make a stupid cup of tea.  It all makes sense.  If arthritis is the cause for this pain, for example, and other people have the same degree of arthritis in the neck, they don’t experience pain like this.  And I don’t have the pain all the time even though the arthritis is there constantly.

You have finally reached a point in your life when you are unwilling to accept pain as your experience.  You have reached the end of your rope with it, so to speak.

I find myself wanting to ask what happens now.  Where do I go from here now that I’ve finally come to some understanding of what I’ve been doing to myself all these years?

Now you begin a process of reprogramming.  You just broke through the old programming and now you need to create healthier thoughts systems for yourself.  This is how all diseased conditions can be reversed in any body regardless of the degree of degeneration.  You know this.

Can you help me with that?

We are so glad you asked, for to not ask for help is to continue resisting.  Here’s the deal—whenever you hear yourself say, for example, “We’re getting close to a full moon.  I always have trouble with my neck at that time.  I think I retain fluids just like Mother Earth and her rising tides and this puts pressure on the damaged nerves in my neck that were caused by the whiplash”, stop your thought process.

Wow!  I do say that to myself.  That’s a lot of contributing factors in one sentence.  I even named one the “full-moon syndrome.”  I’ve created a lot of scenarios to justify and perpetuate pain in my body.

Yes, and how are you feeling now?

Better and better.  I’m hungry for the first time since I woke up this morning.  I want to continue with this.

So getting back to your thoughts about the pain, basically say something different.  Do not accept your mind’s hypothesis about the neck and head pain.  In the beginning with this process of reprogramming, say a contradictory phrase like “The coming full moon has nothing to do with any neck pain that I have experienced in the past.”   Then after you have made contradictory statements many times for each causal factor that you have created, it should be sufficient reprogramming.  Then if an unhealthy thought continues to enter your mind, dismiss it.  If one in particular persists, go back to making contradictory statements about it for a while and then dismiss the causal factor thought.  In time if you practice this reversal technique, there will be no causal factors in your life anymore and you will no longer experience any neck and head pain.  But this won’t happen overnight.  It’s taken forty years to create them all; it will take some time to reprogram them.  But not another forty years, we can assure you, now that you understand.

I do understand, and for the first time in a long time I feel I have a light at the end of the long dark tunnel of pain.   I realize that I have to work at this.  I can’t let this “ahaa moment” slip by and not do anything about it in the future, for to do so would be to continue not only resisting but also perpetuating the pain.  I get it.  I really get it.  Thank you so much for this insight.

You’re most welcome.  The insight was there all along, however; you just chose to resist it.  The reasons why are unimportant at this point, and to look at that would not be productive for you.  It doesn’t matter why you “did this to yourself” because the “why” happened forty years ago.  The “why” has no relevance in your life presently.  The only thing that is important to you now is the reprogramming techniques that you need to apply to reverse this psychosomatic condition.

So have I really got it?

How do you feel?

Sooo much better.  My sick headache is completely gone.  I do get it.  Now can I go make a cup of tea?

Savour the flavour.  You deserve it.

Thank you so much

You are most welcome.

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12 Responses to Tunnel of Pain

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad I ask you for Help, when I am most resistant. Will have to read this one over again 🙂 And start left-handed journaling,

  2. Laurie says:

    Fabulous! So glad that you have found the process and way to clear the pain. I always like to check-in now and then, to discover what you’re doing and where you’re going. 🙂

    • Shanomi says:

      Thanks for checking in, Laurie. I have been reading the story of Anastasia and the Russian Ringing Cedars. Have thought of you many times during the read so far. I think you may enjoy this series if you haven’t already read them.


  3. Melynnda* says:

    Bless new ways of thinking! ><3<

    • Shanomi says:

      …and hence “being”. We do indeed create our reality with our thought systems. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. Love your blog.

  4. Donna says:

    Wow! That was powerful! Glad you are feeling better!

    • Shanomi says:

      It was indeed powerful – a huge turnaround. It was amazing what was going on in my body as I wrote this. I could feel the energy moving so quickly, like someone opened the flood gate. Thanks for your comment.

  5. One thousand benefits to having the pain. One thousand benefits to the car accident. Problem solved.

    • Shanomi says:

      Thanks for your comment, Stephan. Nice to hear from you. At least I broke the programming, but now need to do the ground work.
      Blessings to you

  6. Paulette says:

    As Dr. Phil would say, ‘how’s it working for you, this pain?” As Stephan would say ‘balance it out’
    using the methods in my website. Like what are the benefits and drawbacks of having this pain, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of NOT having this pain ?
    good work , girl, yay

    • Shanomi says:

      It was a big day yesterday – from Tylenol 3 and valerian root to feeling back to normal after moving lots of painful energy and only an hour writing. Thanks for your comment.

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