Strange, or is it?

Antelope Medicine

During one of my renditions singing “Home on the Range” while driving in northern Montana, I laid down some rubber on the asphalt when a herd of antelope appeared out of nowhere and crossed the road directly in front of me.  With my adrenalin immediately rising up, no time to decide which way to swerve, and antelope all over the road, the only action I could take was to blow my horn.  As if the herd’s decision was already being implemented, half the herd went left into the fields and the other half darted right.  Every one of these graceful fleeting animals was spared from injury, which is still a miracle to me knowing how close some of them were to my bumper.  This was the first time in my return journey to Canada that I witnessed animals so close to the highway, and I knew that the incident held some spiritual significance for me.

Thanks for the warning, but yikes, don't play on the road.

Later that evening, I Googled “antelope medicine.”  According to Native American spiritual tradition, antelope bring medicine to people “who need to learn to use their senses to hone-in on the issues at hand and know that a higher purpose is being asked of them for which they were placed on the earth in the first place.  Antelope people learn to use their senses to take action . . right now! The timeliness of my medicine from the antelope was not yet apparent but would become obvious as my journey continued.  In the meantime, I didn’t sing the song for the rest of the day’s driving for fear that I somehow attracted them with the words.

Creeped Out at Walmart

With the antelope incident long forgotten, I arrived at the Walmart in Havre, Montana, shortly after noon.  Since I had been fighting a headache all morning, I decided to park at the far end of the ‘Walmart slant’ along a grassy field away from the noise of the nearby highway, the railway tracks, and busy shoppers.  It was a very quiet location and made me feel as if I had a backyard to myself for a change.  I then had a long nap in blistering heat with most of my RV windows open and only the screen door closed.  But before resting, I noticed a small green pickup truck parked at the far end of the parking lot in an area by itself, assumed it to be one of the employees’ vehicles, and thought no more about it.

Calm before the storm in Havre, Montana

After my much-needed nap, I then noticed that the same truck had moved to a spot beside me.  There was a rather odd-looking man puttering about the truck and wandering near my trailer.  It became obvious to me that this man had been in the parking lot most of the time that I arrived and would have been aware of my moves in and out of the trailer and the store.  There seemed to be no purpose to his presence, and I became increasingly uncomfortable with his meandering near me.

With the sun now disappearing behind some of Montana’s golden wheat-filled hills and the light of the day becoming dimmer, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck tingle, which has always been my cue to take notice of something.  I then heard an inner voice say “Get out of here, now!  No time to eat.  You need to leave now.”  Within five minutes, my supper was put on hold in the sink, everything was packed up, and I was pulling away from the Walmart store relieved to have averted a possible unpleasant experience.  The $40-a-night camping fee at Havre’s only overnight RV stop was extravagant but was the price I didn’t mind paying for a few hours of security and peace of mind.  It was then that I remembered the antelope’s message and the herd’s abrupt appearance in my life.

Pie in the Sky

During my approach from the south to Great Falls, Montana, the day before, I was distracted by an object in the sky above me.

How could anyone not notice this?

I scanned the rest of the sky to discover at least five or six of these objects hovering above  in an area of heavy chemtrails (for an explanation of chemtrails, see below).  10 minutes later in the Walmart parking lot, the disc-shaped objects were still in the same place in the sky, but most of the clouds had reshaped themselves.

For more information on chemtrails, please view

For additional information on off-planet visitors, please check out

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7 Responses to Strange, or is it?

  1. Phil & Rita says:

    Hi Shanomi, so glad you’re safe on your adventures – and having fun !! we were speaking to Mike and Jackie about benevolent ET’s and this subject as Jackie then informed us of this incident – coincidence – we think not !!! Here’s the link to John Kettler’s site – he maybe interested in your incident too. Delighted you are following your heart. Be well and happy.Namaste.
    Phil & Rita

    • Shanomi says:

      How nice to hear from you. Glad to know that you’re back safely from your travels. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a follower of Kettler’s blog but never thought about contacting him about my observations in the Montana sky. It was certainly a sight to see, but was surprised by my reaction. I thought I would be more excited, but as it turned out, it seemed normal for me to finally see them after spending almost six months in an area where the subject of off-planet visitors was commonplace in conversation. There are sightings most days in Arizona and New Mexico and the area is a hub of activity. In fact, there is a tour that one can take out of Sedona to go “sky-fishing” with cameras for spacecrafts. I did my own touring on a number of occasions but never witnessed anything until Montana.

      Thanks for checking in. Blessings to your both.

  2. Ginny says:

    I find it very interesting about the “antelope medicine”, so very glad you listened to your instincts. Stay safe.

  3. Margaret says:

    Chemtrails???????????? needs additional research – yes? Amazing encounter with the Antelopes – as you confirm, animals come in to ones’ life with a message of love – care – attention to ones’ meaning of self – glad to read that ALL your senses were alert, and that you moved from possible danger – some people are absolute preditors! Our ‘back-wood’ location, has become a target for break and entries – very dangerous stuff – a sadly a symptom of the times – stay safe dear lady – with love, Margaret ps” your photography is just wonderful

    • Shanomi says:

      Hi Margaret…Sorry to hear that your community is having security issues. Thanks for the pic compliment – still can’t believe how this cell phone of mine captures images, especially when I’m driving on the highways. Re chemtrails, there is tons of information on the internet, but the video link that I gave is perhaps the most comprehensive approach to the subject that I have found. It is a serious matter what “they” are spraying in our skies, and the reason nothing has been done about it so far, I believe, is because the majority of people do not have any idea it is going on. Aluminum oxide is not a fun thing to be breathing into the body or settling into soil for growing food. But people have to come to their own conclusions as to what it is all about and respond accordingly.

      Thanks for checking in, dear woman.

  4. JACKIE says:

    Wow what a trip! What do you think those “pie in the sky ” objects were? Seemed a little strange not to be moving around like all other clouds around them…… extraterrestrial or terrestrial… ?
    Just wondering!
    Love and hugs

    • Shanomi says:

      Hi Jackie…Who knows for sure what they were or what they were doing hovering over Great Falls, Montana. The thought that came to me was trying to mop up the chemtrails that were heavy in that side of the sky. Thanks for having a look. Blessings Shanomi

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