Out of the Blue

A natural disaster can happen in a flash.  Lives can be lost and millions of dollars damage to businesses, homes, cars, and properties are likely.

Where do I go from here?

As a human race, we are currently experiencing an acceleration in the magnitude and occurrence of natural and man-made disasters, and it is getting more accelerated with each passing week.  One would have to be living in a bubble not to see this increased activity.  When learning of a disaster on the news, what is your reaction?  Do you say to yourself Oh, another earthquake.  How interesting.  Mexico?  Poor people.  So far away.  Not likely here.   Is the constant reporting of these tragic events in the news diminishing your sensitivity to the possibility of this happening in your area?

The Big One

There are two things to keep in mind:  1) Human nature being what it is, people never expect disasters to occur, and no one can accurately predict when they are going to happen.  For example, on the morning of the recent Japanese earthquake, people in that country were not saying to themselves “There’s going to be an earthquake today that will swallow us with a huge tsunami and shatter the Fukushima nuclear plant spreading radiation as far away as the west coast of North America.”  No one expected all that to happen.   2) It doesn’t matter where you live on this planet these days – no one is immune to an environmental disaster.

Referring only to North America, natural disasters at one time were considered specific to certain areas.  For example, tornados happened only in the US mid west, earthquakes mostly in California, etc.  But more recently, these events have been occurring all over this continent.  If you live near the coast, west or east, you are particularly at risk of a tsunami by an earthquake and rising sea levels because of the expected planetary pole shift.

If you were told that in 10 minutes you and your family would lose everything, your survival mode would begin, and your world would never be the same, how long could you live without adequate preparation?   A long-term plan for food, water, and shelter is essential to surviving any disaster because you can’t depend on anyone else but yourself.  Take a few moments to ask, where would I go if water suddenly surrounded my home and community, and how would I get there?   Where would I sleep to stay warm and dry?  Where would I find food and what would I eat?   You may be thinking about your freezer that’s crammed full of food, but that won’t last long if the power goes out for weeks on end because of a massive solar flare taking out the grid, like it did in Quebec in 1989.  You can’t depend on a vegetable garden either if the disaster occurs in the middle of winter.  There’s an abundance of information on the internet about survival preparedness.  Research is necessary to determine what could possibly happen in your area.

Out of curiosity, I occasionally ask a friend the following question about long-term food supply.  The answers over the last few months have been remarkably varied.  “If you had to survive on a deserted island for one year and there was plenty of good drinking water, a dry comfortable place to sleep, cooking equipment, and you were allowed to take only six items of food in whatever quantity you want, what would be your six items?   Keep in mind the shelf life and storage concerns, variety of meals, nutritional benefits, and food groups to stay healthy on the island for that length of time.

If you would like to answer the above question in a comment on this blog, your ideas and responses may help others prepare, or at least get them thinking in the right direction.  After long deliberation, these would be my six items – large quantities, of course:  basmati brown rice, pinto beans, corn meal, powdered vegetable greens, dried fruit, and powdered milk.  What would your list look like?

Whatever your previous views on the possibility of a disaster occurring in your area, my hope is that you will begin to take such a tragic event more seriously and see the necessity of preparedness.  The way things are going on the planet, expect anything to come from above or below, anywhere, and out of the blue.

Please take the time to view the following links:

Volcanic Eruption on Canary Islands (BBC News)



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