What’s Up Sedona?

Flying High

The airport in Sedona has been dubbed “America’s Most Scenic Airport” and for good reasons, but driving the steep, narrow and winding road to get there requires a calm set of nerves.

Lookoff at Airport Mesa

The airport boasts only one runway, one hanger, limited parking space, a restaurant, and of course, a spectacular lookoff.  The 230 acres sounds like a lot of space but it sits on top of a mesa with nothing surrounding it except a steep 1000-foot embankment to the city below.   Apparently, it is not uncommon for tourists or locals who are driving around downtown Sedona to see an approaching airplane flying overhead and then suddenly to have it disappear into the mountains without ever appearing to land.

A strip with a view

When it was first built in 1955, the runway consisted of indigenous red dirt and it was a common occurrence for coyotes, elk and other animals to come out of the desert bush and wander around the strip, which was a nightmare for pilots trying to land.  So in 1960 the runway was paved to eliminate that safety hazard both for man and beast.  But with only 5130 feet of available runway space, many aircraft over the years have had to make second attempt at landing as they ran out of runway the first time.  Other pilots were not so lucky.  Because of the limited space, the airport cannot accommodate commercial jets the size of a Boeing 727 or larger.  No expansion plans in the works here, but what a view.


What’s wrong with this picture?

A familiar Sedona restaurant

Can’t find it?  How about this one?

No golden arches here

The hamburger fast food giant McDonald’s has restaurants in 119 countries, including places like Yemen, Gibraltar and Samoa, and serves 64 million customers daily according to their official website.  McDonald’s in Sedona is the only McDonald’s restaurant in the world that has green arches.  Why?  The local government officials didn’t think that the color yellow blended in with the world famous massive red rocks that surround their popular tourist destination.  If McDonald’s wanted to capitalize on all those year-round hungry tourists, they had to swallow their pride, break tradition and succumb to the wishes of Sedona’s municipal leaders.  Who would ever imagine such a food franchise giant being brought to its knees over the color of the arches?

Mrs. Sedona

The first time I arrived at the Sedona Public Library, I was greeted at the front entrance by a tall metallic statue of a beautiful looking woman whose shapely figure was adorned in period clothing.

Mrs. Sedona

I just assumed that this woman who was named Sedona Miller Schnebly was a well-known person who made significant historical contributions to the city’s development.  So I asked one of the librarians what the woman accomplished in her lifetime to warrant having a city named after her and to achieve the honour of standing guard at the entrance of the library.  The clerk smiled and replied “Oh, she was just a housewife.  We’re told that she was very private and rarely volunteered within the community.  Her husband was the first postmaster in the village in 1902, and he had to come up with a name for the postal station so he used his wife’s name.   Their granddaughter comes in here all the time and tells us that Sedona Schnebly was short, fat and not very attractive.”

What’s up with that, Sedona?

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6 Responses to What’s Up Sedona?

  1. Ginny says:

    Happy New Year Shanomi, hope this years brings all that you wish for. Ginny

  2. Peg says:

    Hey Girl,
    Thanks again for sharing the journey. Amazing leap of faith…
    Also, a big raspberry to Mickey D! About time they
    had to give a little for a change. The one here had
    absolutely no Christmas decorations for some reason.
    Have a fantastic 2012, wherever it takes you.

  3. Paulette says:

    Hey Shanomi, Happy New Year, warm and raining a bit, may you find happiness, truth, peace, love and light in your travels, big hugs
    PS have some info to send you in the next few days

  4. Bob MacLaren says:

    We are happy to hear your travels are interesting and you are soaking up the history as you go!
    We have both visited Sedona, but not long enough. Keep us posted and “Happy New Year!”

    Bob & Carole

  5. Karen says:

    Happy New Year.

  6. Margaret says:

    Happy New Year our Happy Wanderer~
    love reading your observations – we are free to roam~


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