Now What?

In every moment that exists, there is an opportunity to redesign our lives. But how do we do that?  If we don’t like where we find ourselves, how can we change things hopefully for the better?  If we find ourselves in what can best be described as a void where life seems to stand still with no impetus to move forward, what will it take to get things going again?  In fact, in a void we sometimes feel like we’re going backwards and regressing to places where we don’t want to go, so we make ourselves numb to the knowing.   It can be confusing, frustrating, and disheartening if we are expecting more of ourselves and our lives.  Some voids are more dramatic than others, but regardless of the magnitude of how they impact our emotional being, we all find ourselves standing in the middle of the mud and the mire scratching our heads while asking the same question “Now What?”

Over the years I have read many books on self-help and healing.  They all say the same thing – the key to moving forward is our expressed intention, not wishful thinking or day dreaming, but a conscious and emotionally infused statement of our intention to change ourselves and the way we think and see things, which in itself will change what we do and how we present ourselves in the world.   So here I am in Arizona, 5,000 km from where I left my lovely home, my friends, my source of income and all those other aspects of my life that kept me functioning at a busy level.  Even though I was unhappy with where I was in my life in terms of feeling fulfilled and having a sense of purpose, at least it gave me something to shoot for – freedom.  All that effort to get here – all the selling, all the preparing, all the letting go, and of course, all the driving to now find myself asking “Now what?”  Why did I come all this way?  Did I come for the weather, which has turned out so far to be colder than Nova Scotia most days?  Did I come to have the freedom of time to write?  Did I come to live cheaply and to a place where I don’t have to work at a mundane job to support my lifestyle?  Or did I come because I was called?

Help for the asking

I have everything here that I have been asking for over the last five years – freedom – from all the pressures of life.  My living expenses have been cut dramatically; I have unlimited amounts of time to do whatever I want – or to do nothing; I am living in one of the most sacred places on earth; I can look to the sky most days and feel a warm sun on my face; I can go for a drive and take pictures of the most magnificent scenery that you’ll ever see; I can eat food that is so fresh it looks as though it was just pulled out of the ground except for the dirt.  I truly have everything here that I need, but I yearn for more, and I find myself every day asking the question “Now what?”  Waiting has not given me an answer, so I decided to ask my spirit guides the same question that I have been asking myself for days.  Angels, now what?

You ask for more.

What do you mean exactly?

Everything that you have been asking and yearning for is now in place in your life.  You have your freedom.  You have created a lifestyle for yourself where you have a wonderful opportunity to “express your creativity in the form of writing” – remember your first post?  You have all these things in place in your life because not only did you ask for them but also you believed in the possibilities and took action to work towards that.  Did you do everything yourself?  Absolutely not!  We told you once when you were in the depths of despair that we couldn’t help you if we didn’t know what you truly wanted for yourself.  We can’t tell you what to do, as that is not abiding by the spiritual law of free will, but we can pull out all stops when we know exactly what you want for yourself.  Do you remember when you first made the decision to sell your lovely home and make plans to go to Arizona how quickly and miraculously things happened for you?  Remember how easily you found the perfect RV the day after your financial deadline for getting one?  Or how easily you found buyers for your home without any real effort to advertize other than pound a For Sale sign at the end of your driveway when other houses had been for sale for years?  Or how easily you found the perfect vehicle for towing your trailer without even taking one for a test drive?  All these things came to you – miraculously, you ask? – no, not miraculously!  Once we knew what you truly wanted for yourself and asked, then we could help you toward that outcome.  But our hands were tied, so to speak, for a very long time as we watched you spin your wheels trying to figure out where you were going.

So what we are saying to you now is – ask for more.  Tell us more of what you want and we can help you.  If you find yourself in a position of constantly asking yourself “Now what?” it is because you have reach your goal; you have achieved your freedom that was so precious to you and eluded you for so long.  Life is never about endings, meaning there are no endings in life.  Even life itself does not end.  Everything and everyone is eternal.  What we are also saying is that this is not the end for you.  There is more to come.  Possibilities are unlimited, as they are for everyone.  The question is not “Now what?” but more “Now what do you want for yourself?”  For this is not the end, as you have led yourself to believe.  When your focus is fixed on a goal and you achieve that goal, it is never the end, only the completion of one aspect of your life before you begin another.  Remember – life is eternal – a process of endings and beginnings.  So you find yourself at a stage in your journey where you are asking “Now what?  Where do I go from here?  What’s next for me?  Do I just stay here in Cornville, Arizona, and wait for my destiny to come to me because I’ve worked so hard to be here in this place at this time?”  Instead of asking us “Now what?” ask yourself the same question.  When you know the answer, tell us.  Then we will know what you want in this new beginning cycle of your eternal life. 

Everyone has this choice to stay where they are or to move forward.  If they want to move forward but they are spinning their wheels, it is because they don’t know what they want for themselves. We now hear the uproar.  Humans think they know what they want but if they really examined their thoughts, they would realize that they are always expressing what they don’t want.  We ALWAYS know what you don’t want, but most humans do not accurately express their true desires for themselves because they haven’t taken the time to reflect about it.  Most humans don’t ask because they don’t know what to ask for.  That’s one side of things.  The other aspect is they believe, as you did for so long, that if you want something, you gotta go after it, work hard, make it happen kind of mentality.  However, if they would but ask for our help, we could get things done much easier and faster.  Miracles do happen when you know clearly what you want, when you express that clearly, when you ask for help, and when you get out of the way, meaning let us help you instead of believing that you have to do everything yourself to achieve results.  Not true.  You now know this.

A peaceful Arizona place

Getting back to you.  You are in a place of satisfaction.  You’ve achieved a wonderful goal.  You’ve moved far on your journey.  You find yourself basking not only in warm sun but also in the fruits of your labour.  And now you’re asking “Now what?”  Are you asking this because you’re bored?  Are you asking because you feel deserving of more coming your way, after all, you’ve “given up so much to be here”? (quoting me)  Or are you asking because you’re ready for more and are prepared to tell us what that is and ask for our help?  You already know the answer.  And isn’t it exciting to know that there is more.  The question is – do you need to know what that is, or will you trust that we know better than you? 

But I thought that I need to know what I want before you can help me?

That’s true, but you don’t have to do all the work, and you also don’t need to know how that’s going to happen.  Just stay focused on what you want and where you want to go from here.  The process of getting there is out of your control and that’s called trust.

So, answer my own question “Now what do I want for myself?”, then tell you and ask for your help, stay focused on the outcome not the detailed pictures of what it looks like to get there, and sit back and relax.

Not quite.  Do all but the last.  It doesn’t mean that you do nothing, just like you did a lot of work to get here.   What made the difference is your relinquishing the need to be in control of the process, but you still had to work.  Same now.  There will be things that you need to do, but you won’t have to worry about the how’s and why’s.  Your job is to just follow the opportunities given to you and not worry about where it is all going and what your purpose is for being here.  Destiny is assured, but so are the lessons on the path to achieve it.

Thank you for this.

You are most welcome.

Evening beauty outside my RV door

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9 Responses to Now What?

  1. William says:

    You did the right thing.! “Everybody needs a fresh start once in a while.”
    Never second guess yourself. You knew what you had to do.
    We all live this life of the norm. Too scared to leave what we believe to be security. Living the routine. The majority of us live this way and accept whatever comes along. Eventually (depending on the individual) we realize that routine is boring and we’ve built a bomb instead. We can accept that or make change. What now you ask? ……You’ve reached your destination. A new beginning.
    Live, love and laugh.

    Best of luck ,

    P.s Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    • Shanomi says:

      Thanks William. Nice to hear from you with your supportive comments.

      I’ve never doubted my decision to sell my home and all my possessions to come here. I know that I am here for a reason and am exercising patience with that knowledge. I feel the freedom that eluded me for years and am living with a peaceful heart. My life here is very satisfying. One aspect of that is the fact that I could never live anywhere in Canada right now as cheaply as I do here in Arizona. But I know there’s more in store for me and that’s where I find myself. Being here is not even the destination – it’s a leap of faith. That’s what my post “Now What?” is about – living in that “in between” time, or void, of leaving behind the old and waiting for the “new beginning”, as you say.

      I say this, William, not in response to your comments, but for all those readers who may interpret “Now What?” as an expression of my uncertainty, dissatisfaction and regret about being here in Sedona, which is not how I feel. My post is about moving forward and new beginnings, but not as a result of anything that I can conjure up on my own; it’s about trusting that I will be guided to my new beginning. And we all have those times in our lives when the world and life seems to stand still, whether we want that to happen or not and whether it’s around positive circumstances or emotionally stressful ones. Transitions are never easy (I’m on a rant here) because of the uncertainty of what lies ahead. We humans like the security of knowing what’s in store for us and most times won’t make a move forward until we know. But it also doesn’t mean that the knowing will present itself right away, and that’s where I find myself. For me it’s a lesson in trust, knowing that I am exactly where I need to be, and this is probably the biggest lesson of my life. What do they say?…”wait for the signs” and it’s exciting to know there’s more ahead for me without my engineering anything. In the meantime, “Now What?”

      Many blessings to you at this sacred time of year.

  2. Bev Campbell says:

    Merry Christmas Shanomi,
    My wishes for you are that you feel loved and in the company of “new” friends this Christmas – and know that your “old” friends are thinking of you.
    My very best to you for your great journey ahead.
    take care,

  3. Margaret says:

    Ah – you’ve hit the ”key’ – relinquishing control – it is very difficult – to do! TRUST in the/our universal power – continuing key to ‘what next’ – what an exciting journey indeed – your writing stimulates much thought – deep thought – I’ve learned that one does not look back, except to learn

    smooth sailing to you – from C/H

  4. Ginny says:

    I’m sure you will recognize the “what next” when the time comes. For now, relax and enjoy!!!

  5. Peg says:

    And so your spiritual journey continues. No doubt you were aware at the beginning that the
    answers would come slowly and cost dearly. Your courage and wisdom as you continue the
    quest will carry you forward. And know that you have many supporting you along the way.
    Bright Blessings,

  6. Margaret says:

    ‘Now what?’
    building community, your very own community, is my answer to ‘now what’ – in the village in which I/we live – I find myself sharing with many friends and aquaintants – C/H is the very best place I’ve lived – one creates their very best place – that includes country reciprocity – respect for everyone life’s skills, most of all unconditional LOVE!
    that’s it for now – excellent reading – think of you very often – and how very brave you are!

    much love

  7. Bravo

    it’s empowering to ask for help, when there is less fear of what following through entails

  8. Bev Campbell says:

    thank you Shanomi for being so honest – I appreciate so much when other people really state what they are feeling – not covering up what is really in their heart and mind.

    My best wishes to you,

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