Fall in the Gatineau

Peaceful countryside abound in fall colors located 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa

Fortune Lake Gatineau Park

Pink Lake Gatineau Park

Meech Lake Gatineau Park

Let’s go visit the estate of the late Right Hon William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada for nearly 22 years and friend of my great grandfather, Hon George H. Murray.  King bequeathed this property to the citizens of Canada and is part of Gatineau Park.

Gate to Kingswood Cottages

The sign at the Kingswood gate estate reads:  ….In 1903, as a young deputy minister, King bought his first property on Kingsmere Lake and built a small cottage.  This was the beginning of what would become a large estate.  At Kingswood, King found an escape from the pressures of his political life.  During the 25 summers he spent here, King worked hard to make Kingswood a beautiful and comfortable retreat for himself, his family, and his friends.

First cottage that King built at Kingswood

As I strolled around the property, I wondered which cottage my great grandfather would have stayed in when he was a guest of Mackenzie King.

Second cottage King built on Kingsmere Lake

Just a short walk from King’s guest cottages through a beautiful natural wooded area to the boat house and swimming beach.

Steps from swimming area on Kingsmere Lake back up the hill to the cottages

Rock path to swimming beach at Kingsmere Lake

Back up the steep wooded slope to the top of the hill and King’s beloved summer home called Moorside, which was the last building that he constructed on the estate.  Moorside is now a museum of King’s life and also houses a tea room for paying guests.

Moorside summer home

View from the veranda at Moorside

Moorside home overlooking gardens

Looking at these gardens, it is obvious that Mackenzie King had a keen interest in landscape architecture and gardening.

View of gardens from Moorside veranda

Estate gardens at Moorside

Estate grounds at Moorside

Then the drive back down King Mountain towards Ottawa with continuing fall colour at every glance.  Thanks for taking the trip with me.

Fall in Gatineau Park

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3 Responses to Fall in the Gatineau

  1. Peg Widdes says:

    Hi Shanomi,
    Wow, you should definitely be writing. You have a gift, for sure.
    Tried to comment on your first post but it didn’t work. So glad for you and Indy that
    the universe (and your friends in Perth) smoothed the path for you both.
    Saw you on your way out of town on Sept 29. Waved but you didn’t see me. Beautiful truck and trailer!
    Looking forward to your posts.
    Bright Blessings,

  2. Ginny says:

    The pictures are absolutely awesome along with the descriptions of everything. Fall colours are so beautiful.

    • Shanomi says:

      Thanks Ginny. I’m pleased with the way my pics are turning out considering I’m using just the camera of my cell phone. I “let go” of all my camera equipment just before I left for the trip because it was too heavy and took up too much space in the RV.

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