The Beginning

Change is never easy.  Most often change happens when we are desperate for something different in our lives, a feeling of “anything would be better than this”, and so we make a move.  Then there are those spiritual nudges that force us to sit up and take notice of impending change, but fear can hold such a grip on the mind that we continue to live in situations that are damaging to the soul.  If only we could see clearly what lies ahead, then change would be easy.  But this is not the case.  Therefore, it is a huge leap of faith to take the first step towards closing one chapter in life and being open to unknown possibilities of another without the security of knowing what the future holds.

Six months ago I decided that life was too short and precious to let my gripping fear of change dictate how I lived my life in a comfortable, routine and familiar environment.  To follow a dream, I am presently in the process of taking that leap of faith.  My dream is to create a lifestyle for myself where I have the freedom to explore and express my creative self in the form of writing.  That freedom eluded me for years due to the pressure of having to work at a back-breaking job because I owned a home, leased a car, and there were bills to pay.  It also felt like everything was robbing me of time including a large lawn that needed to be mowed, gardens to be planted and harvested, a house to be maintained, etc.  So in desperation and with numerous spiritual nudges I quit my job, applied for early pension, sold my home and everything in it, bought an RV and a vehicle to tow it, and now am headed below the jet stream to live on the warm dry deserts of the southwest where the only distractions will be my thoughts on what to eat and where to sleep with plenty of time to write on the laptop.

There are many beginnings in this process of change and leap of faith, this blog being one of them.  It is a work in progress but hopefully will not only get my creative juices flowing but also allow my friends and family to follow me on my sojourn.  I invite you to let me know your thoughts, to hop on board my RV in spirit, and to join me in this adventure which has been and will continue to be a lesson in trust.

May you all be blessed with the courage and inner knowingness to follow your own spiritual nudges.

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6 Responses to The Beginning

  1. You are amazing….I cannot wait to travel with you in spirit to all the wonderful places you touch.

  2. Jackie says:

    Godspeed to your next destination ! I do not believe in GoodByes … we shall see each other again !
    May you have much joy with your newfound freedom and all the adventures that await!
    Take gentle care
    Jackie and Michael

  3. Your first step will motivate many to take theirs – it really doesn’t matter what happens next or who you meet, all will leave a print on your life and therefore on ours as we follow your blog — look forward to reading your musings over the next Shanomi year. We followed our hearts to the South Shore and NS, lots to see and do and when that’s finished?? who knows……
    Go safely, with a smile, Wendy

  4. christian says:

    Hi Shanomi…good stuff! I’ll be there with you…I know exactly what it’s like…have similar thoughts even now after my move to the old world…we will see…be well my dear…have joy! C 🙂

  5. You can do it! (we all ‘can’)
    Thanks for being our surrogate

  6. Eileen Turpin says:

    I wish you a safe journey into your new life. How exciting is this? I shall keep up with your progress on the road and in your spiritual growth. Life is one big adventure and we should enjoy it as such, even the bad things which inevitably turn out to be life lessons. I admire your intention to do your thing.

    Hugs and love to you, be safe and happy


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